Stillmeadow Cleanup: What a Great Job!

  • Posted on: 23 May 2012
  • By: Rosemarie Reilly

Thanks to Bob and Jean Cucco, Greg Olsen, Davia Rugienius, Mike and Laurie MacMichael, John and Rosemarie Reilly for volunteering their time on Saturday, May 12 to continue the clean up efforts along the safety path that borders the subdivision.

We also need to say a special thank you to our neighbor from Provencal, Jamie Bloom, for coming out and pitching in!  We filled up several of her yard waste containers!  We made a new friend in the process!
The pictures attached show the dramatic improvement to the end of Holly Lane! There were over 20 yard bags, several trash cans of yard waste and several tied bundles.  Rizzo picked up everything on Tuesday morning with the regular collection.

Bob, with some help from Jean, worked wonders with the weed whacker!

John help with his chain saw to cut up the larger dead tree limbs.

Mike and John both had their lawn mowers to help trim the grass/weeds along the path.

Everyone else did pruning, racking, sweeping, bagging to beautify the path.

We still have the section from Burning Tree down to near Lahser High School to finish.  We would like to set up Clean Sweep Day 3 on June 1. The 9am start time works out well but if people are busy with kids sports, so we can also arrange to have a crew work later in the afternoon from 4-6pm.

Please mark your calendars.  It is a great way to meet your neighbors and improve the sub at the same time.

Rosemarie Reilly
Stillmeadow Association