Road Repaving Survey Results - A message from the Board

Thanks to everyone that participated in the road survey.  We had a great response. There is sufficient support to go forward with obtaining signatures on an official Expression of Interest Form so that we can obtain a detailed engineering estimate from the Township.

Here are the overall survey results.

63 unique homeowners responded to the survey for an 81% response rate.

Of the 63 homes that responded, 

  • 74% agree roads need to be repaved (58 responses).
  • 67% agree to pay the estimated amount (42 responses).
  • 89% agree to proceed with signing the letter of expression. (56 responses).

All questions raised during the survey have been compiled into a single document  for your information and reference.  You can also find the FAQ's on the website.

Based on this information, we will be contacting each homeowner in the next few months to obtain signatures on the official document.  This will be step 1 in a lengthy process.

A summary of the overall process, which can take 1 to 2 years, is detailed on the Bloomfield Township web site as follows:

  1. HOA provides an expression of interest to the Director of Environmental Services (DES).  This form is a noncommittal document signed by the residents.
  2. The Expression of Interest document goes to the Road Commission for planning and cost estimate. This takes about a year.
  3. When the cost estimate is provided to the Township, there will be a review and a second petition to sign for concurrence or rejection of the project (usually based on cost).
  4. Public Hearings will be held if sufficient residents agree to the proposed costs for the project.  At this time, all residents will be able to voice their concerns at the Township meeting.
  5. If at the Public Hearing, the Township agrees with the majority consent from the HOA to move forward, the project will begin construction based on schedules.  Overall construction will take about 8 weeks from start to finish.